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Avoid problems which can arise from clogged gutters like foundation damage, cracks in your walls from foundation settling and sagging gutters. Your gutters need a good cleaning 2 times a year. You could spend your weekend doing the work yourself, or you could come to Pro Curb Appeal, an established gutter cleaning service based in Arlington, WA. Whether you are in need of a one time cleaning or are looking for a yearly maintenance package, we’re the team to trust.

avoid the risk

Gutter cleaning can be more than just time consuming. If you don’t have the proper tools and skills you could end up putting yourself in a very dangerous situation while you’re up on your ladder scooping sludge and leaves out of your gutters. Avoid this unpleasant and risky task by contacting Pro Curb Appeal and let our team take care of it for you. By choosing us you’ll benefit from our,
  • Affordable gutter cleaning services
  • Team of experienced professionals
  • Convenient appointment scheduling

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Let Pro Curb Appeal clean and maintain your gutters all year round. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Pro Curb Appeal today.
Letting dirt, debris and leaves build up in your gutters applies extra weight to your gutters as well as promotes the growth of mildew and fungus. Maintenance can allow your gutters to last longer. Call today for a free estimate on having Pro Curb Appeal clean out your gutters for you.

When it rains it pours

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yearly gutter maintance program

We would like to remind you that we have a great yearly maintenance gutter and downspout cleaning service where we come out once or twice a year and clean your gutters. It is very inexpensive and very efficient.

Gutters are just as important as your roof and should be maintained as well. If you also have a roof blow-off price quote, it is important to keep needles and debris off your roof after we clean it to maintain a long-lasting, healthy roof. Thank you again and we look forward to serving you as a yearly maintenance customer.

Below is the schedule of our roof blow offs as well as gutter and downspout cleaning service based on the frequency of cleaning required.

  • January-June:┬áSpring Gutter Cleaning & Roof Blow Off Maintenance
  • For all homes that require the gutters to be cleaned once a year. This is the best time for cleaning after the fall and winter trees have lost their needles.

  • August-October: Mid-Summer Gutter Cleaning & Roof Blow Off Maintenance
  • For all homes that have debris build-up from nearby trees, this would be the second cleaning of the year and a good preparation for the fall and winter rains.

  • December: Winter Gutter Cleaning & Roof Blow Off Maintenance
  • For all homes that experience severe debris dropping onto their roofs, this would be the 3rd cleaning of the year. This is optional, as most homes need cleaning once or twice a year to stay maintained.

  • Roof Blow-offs:
  • Normally these are done once a year in January-June, after all the fall and winter foliage has fallen onto the roofs. In extreme cases, this would need to be done two or three times a year.

what do you get with your gutter and downspout cleaning service

  • A reliable gutter cleaning company that cares about your gutters.
  • Gutters and downspouts cleaned. Sealed if necessary (for small extra charge).
  • Skylights cleaned.
  • Very thorough clean-up.
  • Detailed roof condition inspection.

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